Speaking Japanese-In A Grove


In A Grove

Rape, Robbery and Murder.

When a man’s body is found just off a mountain road and his wife disappears, the local police chief interrogates a range of witnesses and suspects. Their accounts, however, do not tally.

Did the highwayman Tajomaru kill the husband in a duel after raping the wife? Or did she kill her husband, convinced that he despised her after her defilement by the robber? Or perhaps the husband committed suicide after all? Who is speaking the truth in this fast-paced crime tale?

The audio, which is divided into seven sound files, is read by Seishi Yamane, Mitsuyo Matsumoto and Zenji Hashimoto.

The Woodcutter
The Priest
The Police Officer
The Old Woman
The Robber
The Young Woman
The Dead Man
Speaking Japanese-In A Grove

© Tetsuji Iwaki